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Welcome Mrs. Arnold, Our NEW Principal!

Welcome Mrs. Arnold, Our NEW Principal!
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Brentwood is truly a school for the tech-savviest

generation of all time!  Check out our technology! 

It's not hard to see why students LOVE to be at school!

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Brentwood’s Vision:

In keeping with our district’s vision to be a place where students want to learn, teachers want to teach, parents want to send their children, and employees want to work:

Brentwood Elementary is to be the heart and soul of our community by providing an excellent education for our students, parents, employees, and community members. 

Brentwood Elementary is to be a place where not only students learn, but educators learn and refine our skills and knowledge in the art and science of teaching and learning.  Parents learn skills to help their child learn.  Additionally parents and the community learn skills and knowledge to help them improve their job opportunities and quality of life.  

Brentwood Elementary is to be a school that will seek effective ways to integrate technology as a teaching tool and a learning tool.  Brentwood Elementary will continue to learn and implement research based best practices while instilling a passion for learning and provide encouragement for everyone to pursue dreams.

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