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Welcome back to a new year at Brentwood. 



Welcome to a new school year. Singing evaluations will be held the first two weeks of school. As always new folks will be asked to join chorus if they score high enough on the singing evaluation, their teacher recommends them, and they have good behavior in music. The classroom teacher can pull them out at anytime they are not doing their work or behaving in their classroom.


We are rejoining 4th and 5th grade again into chorus. It just works better to keep our number nice and even. Parents, If your child didn't make it in this time, it is possible for them to make it in in January.


We have the Pensacola Opera Company coming in September to perform for our school, the 5th Grade will be attending Pensacola Symphony, five of our students will be selected for all-county chorus and the 1st grade and chorus will be presenting our Christmas program this year. 

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